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Times new roman font You are required to visit (proof required) an approved museum and write a 2-3 page double-spaced paper. You will turn in an electronic copy with your proof of going to the museum (selfie in front of image writing on or admission tick class and date written on it). No late papers will be accepted except under serious extenuating circumstances. If you cannot get to one of the require please see me for alternative assignment. To do this alternate assignment Times new roman font 1. Your museum paper should be 2-3 pages double- spaced. 2. Papers should be submitted on Canvas under Assignments (Turnitin will check for plagiarism).**Late papers will receive a reduction i.e. selfie of yourself in front of chosen object your museum entrance ticket or parking receipt with your name on it and a transcription of the museum label and wall text. Failure to provide proof wi you should:a. describe your piece (i.e. it is so big this is what’s going on)b. visually analyze it (i.e. the figure in the center is the largest classical references in the architecture a use of tenebrism etc.) c. and connect it to broader themes and/or other artworks from class. Your connections to themes/ideas from class should relate to your overall Times new roman font Times new roman font english 119 English 119 0001 myth and literature 1.5 spacing