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Fast Reliable And What Would Be The Effect To Your Custom Cake Ordering Application If It Did? What Is Your Plan To Avoid Answers.

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Capstone Project Scenario: A local entrepreneur is partnering with a bakery to produce a website that customers can use to order custom cakes. The c and from there may specify the type of cake (white chocolate or marble perhaps more options in the future) color of frosting picked from a list the bakery carries and provide a custom message. Further the customer may select a cake that is themed to currently popular children’s television shows or recent cartoo the order will be routed to the bakery so they can produce it. Typically the bakery will hold the order for pickup; however the entrepreneur wants to but other extras may be available in the near future. To complete this assignment make assumptions as needed--just be sure to document any assumptions you make. Remember: "When in doubt sound convincing." Note that these "Milestone May 28th. Get this turned in on time. Milestone #1 (75 points) – Progress Check Only: Sunday May 14 2017: Identify the following information about the Custom Cake ordering application: Purpose or goal of the system. Please make this at least a para generate 15 User stories each with 2 acceptance criteria (30 acceptance criteria total). See assignment 4.1 for details. For each User story identify the User (customer baker or driver or as you specified in item1b above) and the element of the activity diagram you are using to generate this user story. The user stories must be of the form "As a I need to so that ". ***