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familiar with the governmental agencies 2 pages 2 pages 2pages watch videos 2 or 3 pargraphs long please discuss the following: Joe Alien entered and was admitted to the United States on a nonimmigrant visitor visa. After six months his visa expired. However Joe did not depart the United States and remained in the United States well past his nonimmigrant visa status. Within 3 months of being in the U.S. Joe was convicted of misdemeanor shoplifting and spent 15 days in jail. Assume for purposes of this question that the maximum sentence that could be which defines shoplifting as: “A person commits shoplifting if while in an establishment in which merchandise is displayed for sale the person knowingly obtains such goods of another with the intent to deprive that person of such goods by: 1. Removing any of the goods from the imm removing substituting or otherwise disfiguring any label price tag or marking; or 4. Transferring the goods from one container to another; or 5. Concealment.” Based on the above facts with explanation and analysis: 1. Is Joe is "removable" under §237 because he was admitted to the United States by immigration officials International business management