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Johari Window Questionnaire Instructions: Read each numbered item carefully. Read the statements marked “A” and “B.” Determine which statement is mos but better than B: A = 4 or 3 B = 1 or 2 If statement B is most similar to what you would do: A = 0 B = 5 If statement B is not satisfactory but better than A: A = 1 or 2 B = 4 or 3 When responding to the statements you must keep one particular individual in your mind for each statement. For example your spouse a friend relative etc 1. If a friend of mine had a “personality conflict” with a mutual acquaintance of ours and I thought it was important for them to get along I would: _____A. Tell my friend that I felt s/he was partially responsible for any problems with this other person and try to let him/her know how th I would: _____A. Just let the whole thing drop to avoid making things worse by discussing it. _____B. Bring up his/her behavior and ask how s/he fel I would: _____A. Tell him/her about his/her behavior and suggest that s/he tell me what was on his/her mind. _____B. Follow his/her lead & keep our of which s/he was not yet aware I would: _____A. Change the subject and signal my friend to do the same. _____ B. Briefly explain what the other friend was talking about and sugges in his/her opinion I was doing things that made me less effective than I might be in social situations I would: _____A. Ask him/her to describe what s/he has observed and suggest changes I might make. _____B. Resent his/her criticism and let him/her k and if s/he had been tentatively assigned to that position by the leader of our group I would: _____ A. Not mention any misgivings to either my friend or the leader of our group and let them handle it in their own way. _____B. Tell my but none of the other friends had mentioned anything about it I would: _____A. Ask the other friends how they perceive the situation to see if they felt s/he was being unfair. _____B. Not ask the others how the