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Eboni said she thought she knew what to do but after spending the weekend with her father was still confused. Eboni said her father went on at length and that if she had an abortion she would go to hell. Eboni was very scared. Anthony had taken her to church and told the priest that Eboni was pregnant and asked him to pray for her Darlene shared her thoughts about Eboni’s pregnancy and her belief that she should have an abortion. She said she knows how hard it is to be a single she should do as she says. Eboni was very quiet during the session and when asked what she thought said she did not know. At the end of the session nothing was resolved between Eboni and her mother. When I met with Eboni the next day to process the session she said that when they got home she and her mother talked without any yelling. Her mother told Eboni she loved her and wanted what was best for her. May said she would support Eboni and she said that she wanted to sleep all the time and that when she was not nauseated all she did was eat. Eboni is taking her prenatal vitamins in case she decides to have the baby. Only a couple of her friends know about the pregnancy and they had different thoughts on what they thought she should do. One friend even bought her a onesie. In addition Eboni was concerned that her grades were being affected by the situation possibly affecting her ability to attend college. She was also worried about how a pregnancy or baby would affect her chances of getting a track schol I educated her on stress-reduction methods. Eboni asked me what I thought she should do and I told her it was her decision to make for herself and that she should not let others tell her what to do. However I also stated that it was important for her to know all the options. We discussed at length what it would mean for her to keep the baby versus termina but Eboni said she was not sure she could have a baby and then give it away. We discussed the pros and cons of adoption