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Business Ethics and Sustainability


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Business ethics

Do corporations exist only to serve the interests of shareholders?

Breaking Down Consumerism and Advertising Media Reflection Paper

Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility

Mixing Business and Politics Discussion

Answered by ProfOscar

MGT630 SEU Regulatory Requirements on Sustainability Initiatives Paper

MGT630 Impact of ISO 14001 and AA1000 Regulations on Stakeholders Paper

MGT630 NU PDCA Model Organizational Learning and Change Assignment

explain and analyze how one organization or company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia benefits from sustainability initiatives

Analyze how ISO 14001 and AA1000 regulations protect stakeholders.

Which stakeholders will care most about the supply chain ?

Examine the ways companies can improve the sustainability performance of their supply chains

Improving Corporations for Sustainability

What info do Kamari company share for its growth

Explain challenges in Measuring Corporate Sustainability

Discuss the challenges to measuring sustainability in a way that drives positive corporate sustainability performance.​​

Describe the total value proposition from a sustainability perspective.

Identify a seven-stage process for measuring risks.

compare and contrast costing systems

Total Value and Sustainable Products

How can a company balance people, profit, planet and perfect duty?

Describe one local business, and one global business; and their sustainability efforts


Write a 2-4-page analysis of a Middle East Company with regards to its corporate commitment to sustainability.

Improving Corporations for Sustainability: Life-Cycle Assessment