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2 3 Unit 2: Core Assessment Preparation All Sections No unread replies. No replies. homework2.jpg From Unit 2 through the end of Unit 7 you can drop by this section of the unit content to get information on how to prepare for the Core Assessment to ask questions and to submit brief samples (no more than a paragraph) of your analytical and interdisciplinary writing. Participation in the thread but it will help you prepare for the Core Assessment and will also help you better answer questions in each and prepare for your Course Project. For let's review the Core Assessment Assignment: Core Assessment Assignment for LE300R The Core Assessment for LE300R The Ethics and Psychology of Humor in Popular Culture must meet Park University's Core Assessment requirements for LE300 Integrative and Interdisciplinary Capstone courses. The core assessment assignment and formulate a plan for responsible and ethical applications of and responses to humor in your career setting. Create and synthesize a concept for gl Pop Culture (television and movies) or other venues that have diverse audience demographics. The Core Assessment is to be an academic paper demonstrat integrative and interdisciplinary learning about the theories ethics and psychology of humor in real-world environments. Although the paper may briefly reference comedic cinema humorous books comedic television programs or other Pop Culture vehicles the paper is not to be a 'movie review' or 'summary' of an entertainment vehicle. Individual instructors for this course will develop specific guidel 4 and 5 and its point value is 20% of the final grade for the course. Important Tips and FAQs The information above might seem overwhelming at first it all makes sense. Here are some questions that have come up in other classes LE300 classes and some ways you can avoid some common mistakes: How many references will I need to use? You will need at least FIVE outside references in addition to the required textbooks for this course. Be sure to have at least five FULL pages of writing in addition to your reference page. What t