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drug problems discrimination divorce physically Credit score financial resources on the other hand Respond to this post: An explanation of how poverty impacts the experience of individuals in young and middle adulthood by affecting the lifestyle of these individuals. “In personal deficiencies and so on may greatly limit or modify free choice (Zastrow pg. 550)”. Individuals that are suffering from poverty have limited resources and are unable to enjoy many of the luxury things in life. Most importan unexpected life events- such as unplanned pregnancy or death of a spouse- can dramatically alter a person’s lifestyle and family living arrangements (Zastrow pg.550)”. The macro-social-system theory would be most suitable for my practice with individuals that are suffering from kidney failure. “Micro-sy seek to make sense of the effects of group life on individuals (Zastrow pg. 550)”. Patients that suffer from kidney failure have to learn how to live life by making different lifestyle choices. The aspect of this theory I social problems occur when society or some part of it becomes disorganized (Zastrow