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recursive HTML arrays CSCI127 objects Dictionaries Inheritence For this assignment you will create and run an IDL interface using the provided example. Applications Needed: Java JDK software and IDLTOJAVA compiler. The JDK has a bui and interfaces that can be used to implement the server and client code. To get the latest version of the IDL-to-Java compiler download the latest version of the Java™ Platform Standard Edition (Java SE). When Java SE is installed idlj will be located in the bin directory. Step 1: Create an IDL Interface In this step you will map the IDL to Java in order to define the contract “Liberty.idl” and enter the following code: module LibertyApp { interface Liberty { String libertyU(); }; }; This Liberty U application will null); // get the root naming context org.omg.CORBA.Object objRef = orb.resolve_initial_references("NameService"); NamingCont ""); NameComponent path[] = {nc}; Liberty libertyRef = LibertyHelper.narrow(ncRef.resolve(path)); // call the Liberty server null); // create the servant and register it with the ORB LibertyServant libertyRef = new LibertyServant(); orb.connect(liber ""); NameComponent path[] = {nc}; ncRef.rebind(path libertyRef); // wait for invocations from clients java.lang.Object sync = new java.lang.Object(); synchronized(sync){ Karl Marx