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ESSAY QUESTIONS: Please make sure to address each question fully and in your own words. If you quote from the book use proper APA formatting. Your paragraph(s) should include a topic sentence at least four supporting sentences and a transition or concluding sentence. Formatting should be Times New Roman 12 font and double spaced between eac and symbolic interaction. Make sure to discuss the focus of the perspective the key terms level of analysis and provide examples. In addition identify which perspectives use a macro-level and a micro-level of analysis. 10 SHORT ANSWER: Select 6 of the following questions to answer. Be sure t not lists or bullet points. Answering extra questions will NOT give you additional points. Each question is worth 5 points. 3. Discuss five Cultural e Marginal poverty Absolute poverty and Relative poverty. 8. Explain the 6 major changes taking place in society and provide an example of each. 9. Explain the differenc Convergence Theory and Dependency Theory. 10. Explain the main theoretical perspectives regarding social institutions. HONOR PLEDGE: On your final exa BSN change agent the dominican pipeline soci 1301 functionalism symbolic interaction interactionism functionalism