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const char *source


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definitions that is conditional for () or do-while () loops in C * Compose C programs consisting of sequential write to fclose () fscanf () two C source files (which must be .c files) Bonus Assignment: String Processor – worth up to 2% of your final grade Due: Friday April 27 2018 by midnight; send as attachment to I. Learner Objectives: At the conclusion of this programming assignment participants should be able to: * Declare and define pointers to strings * Manipulate strings II. Prerequisites: Before starting participants should be able to: * Apply and implement pointers in C * Pass output parameters to functions * Analyze a basic set o and iterative statements * Eliminate redundancy within a program by applying loops and functions * Create structure charts for a given p and update files * Manipulate file handles * Apply standard library functions: fopen () and fprintf () * Apply and implement pointers 2-dimenional arrays * Define and apply structs in C * Compose decision statements ( you must use only pointer notation and pointer arithmetic where appropriate! You may NOT use array notation! Your program should define the following functions: (6 pts) char *my_fgets (char *s int n