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Punctuation MAIN POINTS point to point ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES 1) Due Date: Thursday August 3 2017. Completed hard copies of papers shall be submitted in class during class period. No paper shall be accepted after the due date and time. No emai you put the author’s name followed by a period (Womai Song.) followed by the title of the article in quotation marks ( “Cameroon in the Trans-Atlantic no. 20 (2006) p. 35. 3) Organization: The paper should include a cover page the main text and a reference page. Each question must begin in a new page i) Cover Page: This page should include from top to bottom the following information: C Student’s name student’s ID number Question (s) Session and Academic Year. ii) Main text: This is an essay assignment and must be typed in doubled spacing. This part of the paper should include: • An engagi thoroughly and insightfully addresses all aspects of the assignment. Paragraphs must be introduced by solid topic sentences and developed by providing sufficient paragraph to paragraph and one part of the paper to another. Each section or sub-section of the question must have at least four substantively developed supporting paragraph and sections of the entire paper. It also gives you an opportunity to make personal judgments if need be. iii) References: This page includes the sou