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math equation speed Math100 math nursing pharmacology Broward Community College 1-A nurse is advising a patient is who receiving codeine sulfate for pain about potential side effects. Which findings is a side effect of this medica if identified in the patient. show contraindication fort-PA therapy? • Lethargy • Hematuria • Dehydration • Angina 4- After performing an otoscopic ex a nurse practitioner prescribes 6.5% carbamide peroxide in propylene glycol drops for the child in which purpose? • To treat infection • As a disinfec which include • Frequent tremors • Buffalo hump • Loss of all body hair • Skin pallor 5-A patient is taking an insulin injection at 7:00 AM each day. how many micrograms should a nurse administer to the child with each dose? mcg 7- When caring for a child who is receiving prolonged high-dose which body system should a nurse monitor carefully • Renal • Endocrine • Integumentary • Respiratory 8- When a patient is on oral contraceptive agent a nurse should instruct the patient to avoid takin which medication • Theophylline • Vancomycin • Tetracycline • Trimethoprim A- client has a diagnosi would require immediate nursing intervention? • Abdominal distension • Lipodystrophy • Generalized dermatitis • Diaphoresis 14- A patient is to receiv 000 units of the drug when the medication is discontinued. How many medication will remain in the patient's plasma after 12 hours? • 500 • 2 500 • 3 750 • 1 250 16- Which instruction should a nurse give a patient who is taking a medication that is classified as a sulfonamide? • Increase daily intake of vit