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conference Motions outlining revising Argosy populations Although some states and cities have passed laws to ban texting and using handheld phones while driving there is no current law to ban all cell phone use while driving. However according to the National Safety Council (2009) 28 percent of all crashes—1.6 million per year—are caused by cell phone use and texting by drivers. The mission of a new national nonprofit organizati patterned after Mothers Against Drunk Driving is to make phone use while driving as illegal and socially unacceptable as drunk driving. US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood supports FocusDriven LaHood said this movement will become "an army of people traveling the countryside" to push for bans on cell phone use and tough enforcement (Schmit 2010). As a political advocate interested in this issue you will be writing a policy proposal that utilizes the current research to propose a solution to the issue and submit it in this assignment. Please and your conclusions need to be based on the scientific research you reviewed earlier. Please follow the typical steps in proper academic writing (pla proofing and editing) to generate the following proposal structure: Introduction In the introduction you should set up the purpose for the proposal provide a bit of background on the topic