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answer business ethics discovery Purpose of Assignment Law impacts how business operations perform. With globalization the law's impact and corresponding business risks have grown. The student will learn to consider how and when a business risk should be pursued under and discovery) and where alternative dispute resolution methods are appropriate in both domestic and international disputes. Assignment Steps Reso and Global Issues: Ch. 1 Ch. 2 (pp. 23-32) Ch. 3 Ch. 4 and Ch. 26; sites such as: Public Library of Law Law Library of Congress and Justia Virtual Chase law database Select a business or industry with which you are familiar and in a minimum of 700 words develop an analysis including the following: Identify at least two ways the U.S. legal system affects that business or industry. Examine the risks tha (suit trial) and what measures business managers can take to reduce exposure to those risks. Choose a global/international business dispute from your busine then compare and contrast one form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) with traditional litigation with regard to that dispute criminal justice SNHU single spaced