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Execute analyze phace of DMAIC


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operations management Detailed speaker notes No Plagiarism and will be checked APA citations and references used PowerPoint Presentation Part 2 of Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training 10 to 15 slides or more Include direct web links of professional resources cited Format Presentation professionally for Senior Management or Executive teams Introduction and Conclusion slides Incorporate the define and measures slides for DMAIC from Week 3 Presentation attached (2-4 slides) of whatever flows with this presentation well Determine most likely causes of defects Understand why defects are generated from variables likely to create process variation Identify necessary/unnecessary process steps Execute improve phase of DMAIC Identify means to remove causes of defects Confirm key variables and quantify their effects on critical to quality characteristics Identify maximum acceptance ranges for key variables and system for measuring deviations of those variables Modify procees to stay within acceptable range Execute control phase of DMAIC determine how to maintain the improvements