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Do some research on one of your favorite franchise films and use these questions to consider how the aspects of industry and commerce (financing, distribution, and exhibition) affect the audience’s perception of the film you are analyzing.

What type of camera angle is predominantly used in filming hit man Anton Chigurh in this two-minute scene from the 2007 film No Country For Old Men?

Film Festival Project

What do you learn about the story and characters from the sound design alone? What emotional effect does the sound design have on you?

The Hurt Locker: analyze how the basic elements, techniques, and strategies of editing contribute to the visual and story content of this scene

Choose one still from the movie, ROME, and analyze the basic elements of CAMERA WORK

Answered by lancew24

Choose one still from the film, Psycho, and upload the still for us to see and analyze the basic elements of the mise-en-scène.

Answered by ProfJamesmiller

Essay assignment

discussion post

Film narratives often refer directly or indirectly to a contemporary issue. How does DOUBLE INDEMNITY refer to a larger political, social, or economic reality?

Citizen Kane: What is your initial, subjective reaction to this still/scene and why?

Answered by Writer_John

essay assignment

discussion post

Discussion post

It's a discussion post. The question is below.

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Film Appreciation Worksheet

Answered by TutorWalters