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Digital Field Trip Reflection; Ancient Greek at Met

Please review the Course Project Overview in Introduction and Resources for details.

​After reading Chapter 6 and skimming Danteworlds, respond thoughtfully to the following prompt. (3-5 sentences minimum)

Progressive Era and the Depression Era Photographs Discussion

Answered by Perfectsolutions

How Artists use Formal elements work To create meaning Discussion

Answered by Dr_Jones

Complete a formal analysis and describe the elements in the images, and what they mean.

Formal Analysis of Artwork Response paper

Answered by Tackett

Discuss two examples to illustrate the Jockey Club's powerful influence over French opera

Explain how the Great Fire of London can be viewed as both a curse and a blessing.

CCU Johannes Gutenberg's role in the Reformation

Explain pietas as it existed in ancient Rome.

Discuss the article from the obedience side

Compare and contrast two sculptures: polycleitus' spear- bearer and Apollo belvedere

Answered by victorious99

In a written response of one to three pages, explain in detail what the Humanities are and how they influence culture?

Answered by Laurabrad

Introduction to Humanities

Writing two of the five prompts.

Answered by doctorlisa