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Experienced Your lesson plan must focus on either health safety (for children) or nutrition education. The lesson plan must be for children 2 – 4 years old. Be sure your activity is age and developmentally with hands on experiences and by having the freedom to explore. Make sure the activity is child centered and uses real life learning experiences i.e. using real items (toothbrush toothpaste) instead of pictures of items; having children actually brushing their own teeth instead of using paper toothbrushes to brush doll’s teeth. think of something the children will enjoy certainly the teacher is the one who makes an activity engaging but try to start out with an idea that will stimulate children to participate. Part o questioning and experimenting. Developmentally appropriate: see textbook glossary for definition. Open ended (divergent) questions: Refer to docume safety or nutrition education. The activity should be age/developmentally appropriate. The activity should be a child centered “hands on” activity. The children should not just be sitting and listening to the teacher. Preschool children do not have "recess". They should not ha so you will know how the assignment is graded. Refer to guidelines and documents when you are writing your activity lesson plan and completing the for if I can see errors you can see them and correct before submitting. TIP: Print out all the information on the Lesson Plan so you will be able to refer to it when you take other child development courses. Lesson Plan Components: Explanation for each part of the Lesson items and/or materials in front of them. The middle of the procedures includes: List all the steps involved in presenting the activity including ope and the vocabulary words you listed in the Vocabulary Words component. 1. 2. 3. 4. You will have more than four steps.. The e