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gender recidivism please use your text Web resources Criminal justice agencies are often interested in determining whether certain characteristics or variables of offenders can predict certain outcomes. which is defined as returns to prison after being released is often looked at in terms of what variables predict that outcome. Variables such as race criminal history treatment received and others can influence recidivism. For this Individual Project you are working as an analyst for a State Correctional Agency. You have been asked to investigate whether or not the number of drug arrests an individ watch the following video and Web site on residuals and residual plots because there will be questions about this later: Video: Residual Plots Web si use the data analysis part of Excel to conduct the regression (follow the steps below). SUBJECT # DRUG ARRESTS (X) # PRISON INCARCERATIONS (Y) 1 7 and click the Data Analysis button to open the dialogue window. Highlight "Regression " and click "OK." This tells Excel that you will be calculating a regression model. When the Regression dialogue opens click in the Input Y Range box and then use your cursor to select all of your values that are in the Y column. This tells Excel what data to consider the response variable. Make sur click Input X Range box and select all of the values that are in the X column. This tells Excel which data to consider your explanatory variable. Again make sure the dotted line encompasses all of the column to include the header (# drug arrests). Next