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There is a school of psychology that looks at the unconscious motivation

Answered by DoctorTraiz

22: Social Cognition and Attitudes 24 -25 Conform and Obey

Answered by elegancetutor

This one is difficult - this one is all about putting these videos together.. Take you time on this one!! PLEASE REMEMBER THEORY OF MIND!!!

Answered by Perfectsolutions

What we remember is more like an average rather than exact events.. PLEASE LOOK UP Stereotype Threat - it is in chapter 15 (about intelligence) Apply that concept to the following videos.....

Answered by Dr_Liam

Find something from this page to share with the class I believe older people are less conscious because all the cells of their body begin to deteriorate. In my nutrition classes, I learned that the lack of eating a balanced diet throughout life can incre

Answered by Dr_Liam

This one is worth 2 chapters - so you might want to have a few posts to answer all of these. USE the course vocabulary to explain the videos and TRY to connect it to vocab from the past chapters!!!

Answered by Knutsen

This discussion is about your sleep - or lack of it!! How much do you sleep each night?

Answered by Tutor_GriffinM

Here are the terms to use in this Discussion: Sorry there are a ton!! This one is two chapters - so take your time!!

Answered by Stones

"I always thought that it was a myth. I'm interested to know how and why it works, and what negative effects it may have." - this was a comment from the chapter 1 discussion.. Can you google and find out why it does??

Answered by Dr_JackDyer