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NUR4667 Globalization of Nursing Practice


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Affordable care Act

Christian biblical narrative

Nursing shortage

IOM Report in nursing

need 15 pages work each on chapter 7 and chapter 8 and abstract also

Locate one peer reviewed evidence-based article

Diabetes criteria

What is your purpose as a nurse?

What have you learned about mental health?

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climate change

diet currently being used by the public

Select health related topic to advocate for

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What are environmental factors that affect health and what are nurses roles to improve or eliminate environmental barriers to health

How do public health polices and intervention affect your daily life?

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The role of nursing from a global perspective.

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The student will be able to discuss issues that affect Nursing in a global environment

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Health, Human Rights, and Humanitarian Aid

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Global Health Payers and Players

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Reforming HIV/AIDs in SouthEastern Brazil

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Control of Infectious Diseases

Malaria Disease

Article of choice

International/Global Health Issue

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