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ASSIGNMENT & SCORING: Any HUM 212 student can choose to write as many as TWO 3-4 page book reviews to earn extra credit points from the book list belo a book review score of 90 could be averaged with a unit exam score of 70 for a result of 80. The score of 80 would replace the 70 in my gradebook and title approximate date of original publication (if known) and a brief preview for your readers about the subject matter of your book; (2) a section which provides a summary of the book’s key points that reade likes and dislikes. Was it easy to comprehend? (Why would USI students benefit from reading this book.) BOOK LIST: Most but not all of these books are available from Rice Library. GRADING: 50 Pts Writing Mechanics (Grammar Spelleen etc.) and 50 Pts Content. Total of 100 points. Due Date: All extra credit book reviews are due on: TBA HUM 212 Book Review List Nicholl Charles. Leonardo da Vinci: Flights of the Mind. The Renaissance Man. Wilson Derek. Out of the Storm. Bio of Martin Luther. Erasmus. Praise of Folly. Satirical attack against snobs and elitists. King Margaret L. Women of the Renaissance. Notable female writers and artists. Parker T. H. L. John Calvin: A Biography. Father of Protestantism American style. Hill Frances. A Delusion of Satan: The Full Story of the Salem Witch Trials. Witches! Donnelly J. P. Ignatius Loyola: Founder of the Jesuits. Catholic promoter of education. Starkey David. Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne America’s favorite queen. Ives Eric. The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn. The most scandalous royal divorce ever. Ackroyd Peter. The Life of Thomas More. Martyr for his church