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arbitration negotiation Mediation Litigation smartart The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and select an appropriate method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for a business dispute to examine unethical business behavior and to develop risk management procedures to avoid or reduce claims and litigation. Read the following scenario: Dazzling Dough Co. sells pizza dough along with some other items. Dazzling Dough Co. sent Jerry's Pizza a written contract prepared by Dazzling Dough Co.'s lawyer stating that "Jerry's Pizza agrees to purchase 200 pounds of pizza dough pizza toppings desserts and soft drinks for $30 000." Jerry's Pizza signed and returned the contract. A few days later Dazzling Dough Co. sent Jerry's Pizza 125 pounds of pizza dough and 75 pounds of pizza toppings desserts and soft drinks. Jerry's Pizza contacted Dazzling Dough Co. about the error in the contract and demanded an extra 75 pounds of pizza dough. Dazzling D that Jerry's Pizza signed the contract so they agreed to the terms and it was not sending the extra pizza dough. After several attempts to resolve the dispute and a pressing need for dough Jerry's Pizza terminated the contract and sent Dazzling Dough Co. a check for $15