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read these two articles an write two paragraphs for each article?

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In the past the standard of health was thought to be the absence of disease and disability (Smith & Parker, 2015)

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MESA Diem Le Prof. Crissy Negrini ENG 107 6/23/2017 Underage Drinking Underage drinking laws has been a source of debate for years. However there is no right or wrong answer to the question. Some countries set the drinking age bar as high as 21. Besides there are countries that allow teens as young as 16 years to consume alcohol. There are reasons for the United States to set the drinking age at such while others are simply related to the fact that alcohol is generally viewed as a negative thing. Citizens of the U.S have the right to vote purchase firearms and go to war from the age of 18. However the teens have no drink for another 3 years until they turn 21. Underage drinking is significant but often overlooked it is a problem in the US. More students use alcohol than tobacco. However some people think that cigarettes are more harmful than alcohol. It is more likely to cause anxiety. Not only both have their own effects but also it has a great impact on young people. Merely my opinion that experimenting with alcohol does have dangerous and potentially mortal consequences. Especially in case you need to drive you should consider drinking. Drunk driving is naturally incredibly dangerous both to the driver and those sharing the road. While stressing the dangers and fatal consequences of drunk driving it is a good idea to present yourself as an alternative to driving drunk or to getting into a car with a drunk driver. Adolescents who are new drinker they unaware of how their body processes alcohol are ostensibly