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Interpersonal Conflict English 101 Essay Assignment 1: Character Evolution Welcome to the first essay assignment in the course! Most of the essay assignments in this course which you may remember from the lesson is a personal debatable claim that should appear in a single statement at the end of your introduction paragraph (please underline them). Then each of your body paragraphs is constructed to serve as support in proving your thesis. Let’s get started! Topic and Structure: Character Evolution – or another medium of your choice evolves—either good or bad—from the beginning to the end of the story. Your introduction will provide a brief synopsi you will develop at least three body paragraphs each dedicated to one example (such as a scene) in your chosen medium that serves as support for your thesis claim. Finally you will compile a conclusion paragraph that synthesizes your findings. Creating the thesis statement: Is your argument focused and meaningful in a w but debatable point of view which a reader might either agree or disagree with? Avoid claims that are too obvious to the readers—offer them a new idea! Remember a thesis also serves as a map for your essay providing a promise of subtopics you will discuss in your body paragraphs in the order in which they appear in your essay. Sample thesis statement: In Charles Bellingham begins as a lonely self-loathing candle maker but after he meets Miss Charmaine begins working for the king and takes an understudy he transforms into a confident man who sees the townspeople and the kingdom as a friendly and prosperous community. Developing the body paragraphs: T you want to include a balance of research and/or examples with original material. In other words