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music Visual and beliefs You need to write an ethnography about a musical event. This process is covered in class but in a nutshell you will need to attend a musical event this semester take notes and interview people and then write your paper. Make sure to include the date of the event in your paper. There are many examples of ethnographies in your textbook so you will have an opportunity to learn different approaches to this kind of writing. As you search for an event keep in mind that you may go to a formal concert a bar a café a church service a house party a festival--you name it. Just make sure that music is a significant part of the event. Formatting: Please make sure that you use Times New Roman 12- and course number should be single-spaced at the top.) If you are using MS Word please go to Format > Paragraph and check "Don't add space between paragraphs of the same style." You need to write at least 1000 words which equals about three double-spaced pages. Please submit a doc or docx file to the Assignments dropbox section here on D2L on or before the due dat