The First Scene Is His Mother Hold A Bundle Of Rose To Came Into His Bedroom. And Then One Day Homework Help & Answers - Studypool

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the script Could you help me write the script about the story that this is the story about the relationship between a boy and his parents. His father for example the parents always push children to do what he doesn’t like. We want to use the fall of rose to foreshadowing that he will died. Thus he argued with his mother and run away from home. That day is the rainy day and he took the umbrella from his bag and recall the scene that mother gave him. Unfortunately he met the car accidents and died. His mother cried. When he achieved the heaven the god told him that he will give him three days to come back the earth however no one can see him. He come back to the home and he saw his mother is watching his photos and cried. He want to give the hug to his mother however his mother cannot see him and do not have the feel from the hug. Then he used the phone to make 99 videos to his parents and they only can saw these videos when parents have the birthday. Thus I think these 2 videos( the fist and the last one needed to be described and the last one need to write the more touching that thanks to his parents and feel sorry) Then his parents received his videos and when they saw all the videos