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The Public Policy of Crime and Criminal Justice


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criminal justice SNHU begin by introducing yourself to the class and explain your background. Next after a careful reading of the first chapter from each textbook provide in your post a short definition of what constitutes criminological theory. Then provide your definition of what is meant by public policy. Finally explain how in your view they are related to and influence one another. In responding to your classmates’ posts criminal justice SNHU single spaced excluding title and reference pages the courts 12-point Times New Roman font one-inch margins l write a policy analysis memorandum that is a minimum of one page in length that explains to the supervisor of your criminal justice agency the importance of incorporating an understanding of at least two criminological theori review the document Criminological Theories Defined as well as the different criminological theories that are described in your text Criminological Th pay particular attention to how criminological theories have been applied in the creation or revision of departmental policies. Next consider the following scenario: Your supervisor needs to be convinced of the need to incorporate criminological theory into the decisions that are ma or corrections. Use the Memorandum Template to complete the assignment. Address the following critical elements as they are reflected in the Sample