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human resources oxidization precedent Research and development MBA 610 Final Project Part I Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric Overview: For Final Project Part I of this course you will create a memorandum. In Milestone One submit your Memo Introduction Facts and Laws and Facts to be Determined sections (Sections I IIA and IIB and IIC) of the memorandum. Prompt: In the Memo Introduction section articulate what you feel are the strengths of your company’s legal claim or defense. In the Facts and Laws section analyze the facts related to employment discrimination or unlawful termination based on your company’s perspective. In the Precedent section select cases that support your company’s position in terms of employment discrimination or unlawful termination. Justify why they support its case. In determine any facts that will help you better analyze your company’s position. Make sure to incorporate the feedback you receive on this assignment in which will be used to formulate an official executive brief of these lawsuits. Scenario Mary Jane and Allen Greene a married couple own a high-end costume jewelry manufacturing and distribution company called Greene's Jewelry Wholesale LLC. The principal place of business for Greene's Jewelry is in Derry