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Map Proposal 525 words criminal justice Economic walden Application: Community Policing Since the early 1970s police organizations have made greater efforts to actively engage the communities they serve in crime prevention and response. They have done this thr and discourage them from using illegal drugs. While DARE provides forums for officers to meet youth in a nonthreatening environment it has also been criticized as ineffective in communities that are urban and poor and lack public assistance. A related model of community policing ca partnered with researchers Herman Goldstein and Charles E. Susmilch to test how POP could improve police service. Since then other police departments have been continuously reexamining police service to keep up with changing community needs. Both the COP and POP models fall which is explained in this week's Learning Resources. To prepare for this assignment: Review the article "Community Policing: Exploring the Philosop Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices . Consider the strengths and limitations of community policing. Review the articles "Conflicting Value and demographic characteristics of a community impact community policing. Consider specific examples from your community. The assignment (1–2 pages): and demographic characteristics of a community impact community policing. Again writing skills power point 2 slides BSN online