Tutor Payments


Commission taken by Studypool is subject to change due to changes in operating and marketing costs. Up to date commission rates are published and available to tutors here: https://www.studypool.com/commissionRates. Additionally, Studypool takes a flat 40% commission on tips to share and to reinvest into our customer service who works to sustain quality on the Q&A service.

Note: All new tutors will get 15% commission on up to 10 questions or until they withdraw earnings for the first time, if they do so before completing 10 questions.

Withheld Payments

Studypool has full discretion to withhold and cancel payments if any of our terms are violated. We internally monitor student and tutor behavior by reviewing communications, IP's of students, and calculating transaction sources. Studypool, may choose to, but is not obligate to, take legal action against a tutor that has committed serious offenses as determined in Studypool’s discretion. Without limitation, by way of example, the following actions would be considered a violation of our terms:


a) Using stolen credit cards to pay for questions.

b) Excessive charge back requests from your students.

c) Taking advantage of our promotion / referral programs by collecting promo and paying yourself.

d) Abusing any form of Studypool's credit accumulation to pay yourself.

Fake sessions / abuse of the platform:

a) If you are acting as the student and the tutor.

b) If your questions and answers are fake

c) If your question and answer do not follow the required guidelines.

d) Plagiarism

* All responses, answers and help for a question must be provided on the question discussion page; and if help is not present on the page, it is assumed that you did not provide help.


a) Sharing links or personal emails for purposes other than posted questions.

b) Poaching students off the platform.

* Banned tutors will not get paid remaining balances.

View full Terms here

Note that Studpool holds the right to suspend or permanently ban tutors accounts. Violations of our terms may result in banned accounts.

Payment Withdrawals

Studypool cannot maintain balances for more than 2 years.

Tutors accept upon signing up to the platform that if any available balance is not withdrawn within 2 years of being earned, it will be forfeited.